David Glueck
June 2022

end of the academic year round-up

• congratulations to Chris Connors '21 for admission to medical school at Mt. Sinai, NYC. 

• congratulations to former Chem 64 student Sophia Miller '22, one of this year's salutatorians

• congratulations to Meaghan Deegan '14 for her new job as assistant professor of chemistry at Santa Clara University in California

Jorge_2022     Pt-BARF_cover         Pt-BARF_TOC

• Two new Organometallics papers!  Jorge's communication made the journal cover.  Here's the link

2022_new_size_Cu_cover  2022_OM_Cu-P-C_TOC

• Cover pictures are fun, even when they don't appear in the journal, so here's another one for the paper by Ryan and Sarah (link)

April 2022

• A temporary goodbye to postdoc Dr. Jorge Garduρo (he is returning from Mexico to work right next door with Chris Sandford!). Special thanks to Jorge for daring to come to Dartmouth during COVID and for successfully starting a new ACS-PRF project in our group on nitrile hydration catalysis.

• Hello to new undergraduate Will Daley '24, who will be working in our lab over the summer.

 • Welcome back to Ryan and Sarah, after their conference trip to Germany with the ACS New England section.
Will_Daley24    Ryan_Germany    Sarah_linkedin
from left to right: Jorge, Will, Ryan presenting in Germany, and Sarah

January 2022

Another tough year, but it's still good to live in a beautiful place with nice people.  Photo credit: Adam


December 2021
Dave's book chapter on P-heterocycles (phosphiranes and more!) is out in Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry IV.  It covers the literature through 2018 and was completed in 2019, finally published for 2022 (thanks, Elsevier). Here's the link.


November 2021
Lots of news from the fall quarter

• excited to welcome new graduate student Hannah Sexton, from Western Connecticut State University, where she worked with Dartmouth chemistry PhD alum Forest Robertson, from Jimmy Wu's group.


• congratulations to Ryan Tipker on acceptance of his first paper, in Angewandte Chemie!
Check out the accepted article here.
Thanks to all the very patient coauthors, including Balazs Varga for first observing this isomerization, Jake Muldoon and Dan Pham for confirming the structures of the syn and anti isomers (thanks Arnie Rheingold for crystallography), Ryan for determining the stereochemistry and more, and Russ Hughes for DFT to explain how it all worked.

This looks simple, but it's surprising on several levels.
§ tetrahedral carbon and main group analogs are configurationally stable, but this P-epimerization occurs under mild conditions
§ strain promotes P–C cleavage (A ---> B). Then
C-C rotation (route 1) is usually fast, and P inversion (route 2) is normally slow, so you would expect product C, not D.
But you get D (!) and we can explain why the usually labile C-stereocenter is not, and the usually stable P-stereocenter does inversion readily, thanks to the pendant carbocation.


• COVID-19 provided lots of time at home, so Dave wrote a few review articles

Ά Here's one in Dalton Trans., about metallacycle intermediates in the enzyme nitrile hydratase and related synthetic catalysts for nitrile hydration (Jorge's project).


Ά In Synthesis, read all about the synthesis of chiral secondary phosphine oxides (SPOs), including ones made by Amber and Jake.


June 2021
End of the academic year wrapup

• Congratulations to Sarah Chong '21 on her graduation, and good luck as a PhD student at NYU next year.  Here we are with Sarah's parents, all the way from California for commencement.  Congratulations also to our other undergrad research veteran Chris Connors '21, currently applying to medical school.


• Natalia Blank Ph.D. 2005 keeps moving up the academic ladder.  She is moving from Norwich U in Vermont to D'Youville U in Buffalo as VP for Academic Affairs.  Check out the press release here.


• Our own Sarah Gibbons Ph.D. 2019 is following in Natalia's footsteps at Norwich, recently moving up from her lecturer position to become a tenure-track assistant professor.

                                                          Norwich 2021

• Jake Muldoon Ph.D. 2018 made the big move from California to Florida.  Check out his new podcast "Medicine - beyond the science" here.

• Back in Hanover, Sarah Chachula and Ryan Tipker successfully completed their research proposals, and will be able to continue research now that most of the pandemic restrictions are gone.
• Dave survived teaching 3 different classes online during COVID.

May 2021
Pandemic progress: the group is all vaccinated now!
And more -- our Synlett review from October 2020 (see below) has now appeared in print.

October 2020, again
Our 4th paper in 2020, but they're all still "in press," with no page numbers yet.  This latest one in Organometallics is Sarah's first paper (!), finishing off a project started by Perry on Rh-benzyl complexes.  Big thanks to Russ, as usual, for his help explaining the dynamic processes and with DFT calculations.


The pandemic makes this scene unthinkable now, but here we are after Sarah Gibbons's thesis defense last year.


October 2020
Check out another review article (personal account) in Synlett here.  Dave's first Synlett account (2007) covered our development of metal-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphines using Pd and Pt.  This new one is about "Beyond Precious Metals," including Cu, Ni, and no transition metals at all in our phosphirane and SPO syntheses.  Perhaps there can be a third one in 2033?


Bonus: the "crowd reviewers" called Figure 4 "suitable for a magazine, not a scientific journal."  Luckily, the editor overruled them.  Yes, that's Matt Cain Ph.D. 2011 with his journal cover.


September 2020
Welcome to new post-doc Jorge Garduρo, from UNAM, Mexico City (Ph.D. with Juventino Garcia).


July 2020
Are we organic chemists yet?  Another paper in JOC, here.  Congratulations to Amber and the 9 other Dartmouth authors.  This one took 9 years, but the wait was worth it...now we can isolate P-stereogenic secondary phosphine oxides (SPOs) in a 1-pot process starting with the cheap chiral (+)-limonene oxide, isolated from orange peels on a giant scale.
This is our second paper for the special issue on "The New Golden Age of Organophosphorus Chemistry," following Dave's Perspective article here (also listed below in June 2020).


June 2020
End of the academic year! Many bad things happened, but here are some good ones for contrast:

• I'm proud of advising a diverse group of outstanding students and postdocs (including several from under-represented groups) over many years, from across the USA and other countries, including Canada, England, France, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Kenya, Philippines, China, Korea, and Japan. 

We reject Hudlicky's conclusions in that infamous article (more commentary here), and agree with our department's diversity and inclusion statement: