David Glueck --Biographical Sketch

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David Glueck grew up in Cincinnati, and received his A.B. and A.M. degrees in chemistry in 1986 from Harvard University, where he did research with John Cooper.  He moved to the University of California, Berkeley for his Ph.D. (1990), working with Bob Bergman. After working on crown ethers, intercalation, and buckyballs as an NSF-NATO postdoctoral fellow with Malcolm Green at the Inorganic Chemistry Lab, University of Oxford, he joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1992, and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 1998, then to professor in 2004.  He served as department chair from 2007-2010.

(courtesy of Dave's mother)

When I'm 38, I will be a scientist. I don't know which kind. I want to be a scientist who studies birds, or one who studies the sea. I'd like to be a scientist who studies birds because I like birds and know a lot about them, and I'd like to be a scientist who studies the sea just because I'd like to. I'd live whereever my work took me. I might be married and I might not. I think that I will look the same as I do now, except I might have a mustache. The end.

David Glueck, age 7

With Casper, spring 2019



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